About Us

Six White Ceramic Mugs

Welcome.  My name is Jeff and I’m the owner of JustCoffeeTech.  We specialize in providing select coffee equipment and tools for coffee enthusiasts.  We are based just outside of San Francisco in San Carlos, CA. We distribute worldwide via FedEx, UPS, and First Class Priority Mail.

I have an engineering background and have enjoyed a long career in technology based in Silicon Valley.  Outside of that, I'm also an avid foodie and have had a long love for coffee.  As an engineer, I love the science and the deep complexities of coffee.  There is an incredible world that can be explored through the diverse range of origins, roasts and preparation methods.

Many products and brands are available in the market which can make it a challenge to find the right choice.  Our goal is to provide you with a curated list of best-in-class products.  We offer a range of products that are well matched whether you're just starting out or an avid enthusiast for many years.  I research each of our products and only offer products that I would buy myself and feel comfortable recommending to a friend.

We take pride as a small business that distinguishes ourselves in providing personalized service.  Whether this is your first espresso machine or you’re your fifth, I understand that purchasing a machine is a significant investment.  We are here to answer questions before, during and well after your purchase.  If you call and I’m not the one who answers, feel free to ask for me.

Look forward to talking with you.  Feel free to also reach out to me at jeff@justcoffeetech.com.